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With magnificent mountain panoramas around the Siggen Inn, it is easy to forget everyday life, simply experience nature, celebrate the summit victory, observe animals on the alpine pastures and enjoy the snack once more. to the hiking trails

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From July to September, every Monday through Saturday, there are 26 different hikes to choose from, led by National Park guides. With difficulty levels ranging from easy to challenging, topics ranging from native wildlife and herbs, to the world of the high mountains and glaciers, to the historical evidence of trade and mining, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Hikes of all levels of difficulty

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Discover the hiking trails in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

  • Special tip: we are only 10 minutes walk from the Blausee, which was included in the project "Naturatrails" - More information.
  • Mountain tours for experienced hikers: we are a starting point for climbing the Großvenediger at the entrance of the Obersulzbachtal in Salzburg
  • Some of the many recommended destinations nearby are Berndlalm, Postalm, Kürsingerhütte, Seebachsee, Wildkogel, Steinkogel and the Große Rettenstein.


Gitti's recommendation for families: the Venedigerweg.

The starting point to reach the Venedigerweg and its adventure play stations is the Hopffeldboden parking lot, which can be easily reached by car. After you have laced up your hiking boots and packed your rucksack, the information point on site will provide you with a stamp pass and a snack box. Off you go - over hill and dale on your way to adventure. The first highlight of the Venediger Trail is the 60-meter-long rope walkway that leads across the wild Obersulzbach stream and gently sways with the pulse of the water. In addition, the Venedigerweg leads along the valley of the red stones - which you will immediately recognize on your way by their red color.

How this red color comes about is explained by the signage that accompanies you all along the way. Once you have crossed the rope walkway, the path continues into the valley towards play stations and comfortable wooden loungers that invite you to let off steam and rest. At the various stations there are tasks to solve and stamps to collect - perfect for little adventurers. Along the stations and loungers, the path continues to the small Kampriesenhütte. Once there, you can enjoy the wonderful view of a breathtaking mountain panorama. If you also have a pair of binoculars with you, you can not only enjoy the wonderful view into the distance, but also discover Mother Nature in detail.


Demanding hike to the Seebachsee

Our hike starts at the parking lot Hopffeldboden, which you can easily reach by car. To get there, turn right shortly before our Siggen inn, cross the Obersulzbach stream and then follow the easily passable forest path into the valley. Once there, the route runs for about half an hour on a forest path until you reach the entry hunter's path to the Seebach Alm.

At the beginning, a now widened path leads upwards along the serpentines until you reach the mountain pasture over hill and dale through forest and clearings. Once you reach this point, your path begins to take you across vast landscapes and endless alpine pastures to the Seebach, which you cross over a narrow bridge - and then the idyllic mountain lake is not far away. Once there, an interplay of impressive mountain panorama and the idyll of the Seebach lake impresses, so that this beautiful spot is made for a rest. The descent is via the "Monau" in the direction of Berndlalm and Kampriesenalm, from where you can hike back along the well-maintained forest path in the direction of the Hopffeldboden parking lot.


Hike to the Keeskogel

An excerpt from the Salzburgerland Magazine for you:

"The Keeskogel is a challenging three-thousand-meter peak and is located in the rear Obersulzbachtal high above the Kürsingerhütte, over which both the ascent and descent take place. Surefootedness is required for the ascent, which includes steep upward turns secured with wire rope! Starting from the Hopfeldboden parking lot, take a cab to the Obersulzbach valley to the Kürsingerhütte material cable car. The ascent to the refuge can be made either via the normal route or via the newly constructed via ferrata (glacier trail). The cab as well as the accommodation can be organized on the homepage of the Kürsingerhütte. The next day you follow the well-marked, but in the upper area steep and rope-secured hiking trail up to the panoramic mountain of the extra class! The panorama of the surrounding three-thousand-meter peaks, including the Großvenediger, is breathtaking! The descent is along the ascent route back to the Kürsingerhütte, where you can again organize the cab for the return trip."


Guided glacier tour on the Großvenediger

Proposal for a guided glacier tour on the Großvenediger with mountain guide:

"The Großvenediger is a truly dreamlike mountain and ideal destination for a high altitude touring weekend with our mountain guides. For the high tour on the highest peak of the Venediger group, we climb up past the numerous crevasses to the last section of the ridge before you can enjoy the view over the numerous surrounding peaks of Austria. The panorama is magnificent and the view reaches up to the Großglockner. The tour is ideal for high altitude beginners and very experienced mountain hikers."


  1. Day Ascent to Kürsinger Hut (2,558 m).
  2. Großvenediger ascent (3,666 m)

Guided glacier tour on the Grossglockner

Proposal for a guided glacier tour on the Großglockner with mountain guide:

"Impressive tour weekend on the Großglockner. The tour on the Großglockner leads over the Adlersruhe and the well-known summit ridge to the highest peak of Austria, the Großglockner (3,798 m)."


  1. Day Ascent to Stüdlhütte at the foot of the Grossglockner (2,802 m).
  2. Ascent of the Grossglockner (3,798 m) - the highest mountain in Austria
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