Tauern Bike Path from Krimml to Passau

The place where the thundering waters of the Krimml Waterfalls - which are the highest in Europe - rush down into the deep, is the starting point for one of the most attractive bike paths in Austria: the Tauern Bike Path. It directly passes the Gasthof Siggen and is therefore also suitable for shorter or longer tours from and to our house.

The total length of the Tauern Bike Path is 280 kilometres (Krimml - Bruck - Salzburg - Zell am See/Bruck). There is a constant slight downhill grade from Krimml (1,076 m) to Salzburg (425 m), except for two uphill sections at the river Salzach in Schwarzach and Werfen.
We recommend making the tour in an anti-clockwise direction. About one quarter of the route is covered with gravel sand, the rest is asphaltic.

Over 90 % of the route consists of cycle-paths, lightly trafficked country lanes and a few side roads. The ideal equipment is a light touring or trekking bike. Mountain bikes allow additional alpine side trips. Road bikes are suitable only for a limited extent.