Tobogganing on Wildkogel - world´s longest toboggan run

Known as the probably friendliest ski area in the region, the Holiday Arena Wildkogel in Neukirchen has been a popular holiday spot for many years. And the longest toboggan run in the world is just another record-breaking highlight of the Ski Arena. But before you hit the hill, take your high-speed sledge and hop aboard the Wildkogel Lifts for a comfortable ride up to those lofty heights

You’ll speed down a course that is - believe it or not - 14 km in length, and you will overcome the altitude difference of 1,300 meters on your way down to Bramberg.  Everything that slides down the snow some way is allowed – be it a speedy racing toboggan, a comfortable sled, or even a fancy bobsled. The ride takes approximately 30 – 50 minutes, depending on how good you are.
And by the way: the entire run is floodlit – so you will get an extra kick out of a nightly run down the mountain! On Fridays and Saturdays the Wildkogel Lifts bring you up even until 6.30 pm. 
You can rent out toboggans, sledges or bobs at the sporting goods stores in Neukirchen or Bramberg.

Wildkogel Lifts offer evening service for sledders:

During the toboggan fun make sure you follow a few simple rules:

  • Always hold on to the rope of your toboggan -  that way you’ll avoid endangering your fellow sledders unnecessarily and losing your toboggan.
  • Inform yourself about snow and weather conditions (06566 7251 for the Bramberg Tourist Office, or 06565 6205 for the Wildkogel Lifts’ “SnowPhone”).
  • For you to really enjoy the ride, you need to be dressed in appropriate clothing.  Especially for children (ages 3/4 or older), we recommend ski glasses, a scarf, acap, ski pants or gaiters, gloves, sturdy boots – but not ski boots.  Children at the age of 6 and under should always ride on the same toboggan as their parents! Tip: it’s also much safer for the kids to wear a helmet during the ride!
  • You can take the free ski shuttle from Bramberg to the base station of the Wildkogel Lifts.